Skin cleaning and its types

It is not recommended to use any available soap to clean the skin, and it is not necessary to use the most expensive products, but rather to use products suitable for the skin, and use skin lotion by placing a small amount of it on the face and distributing it with the tips of the fingers and avoiding rubbing vigorously, then washing the face with an adequate amount of warm water and drying it in a patting method, It is recommended to try a different type of lotion if the lotion leaves the skin dry and taut or oily and shiny, and the skin can be cleaned in the morning with an oil-based lotion to wipe off the remnants of previous makeup and accumulated oil, and to soften the skin, and this can be followed by using an oil-free and gentle lotion with a low pH for deep cleansing And remove any residues of dirt from the skin, and there are specifications for the appropriate lotion for each skin type as follows:

  • Dry Skin: It is preferable that the lotion for dry skin is gentle and free of alcohol and perfume; Because it causes the skin to dry out more, it is recommended to exfoliate the skin once a week; To maintain the appearance of pure skin and get rid of dead skin cells that cause the appearance of small scales on the face, it is recommended to wash the skin with a suitable lotion and warm water and avoid using hot water; Because it removes the skin’s natural oil quickly.

  • Oily skin: It is recommended to use a foamy and oil-free lotion, then wash it with an abundance of warm water, and use a toner that tightens the pores, but you must pay attention when using toner because it is able to remove excess skin oil and this reduces its shine and keeps it clean. skin

  • Sensitive: It is recommended to choose products that contain ingredients that soothe the skin, such as: aloe vera gel, chamomile, green tea and oatmeal, and it is recommended to use a mild lotion that does not contain alcohol, acids or perfumes, then wash the face with warm water and dry it gently while avoiding rubbing with a towel. It is preferable to avoid peeling sensitive skin, as this exposes it to redness and irritation.

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